There are many sides of British MMA and many different benefits that can be gained from its study.

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Self-Development – British MMA helps the individual to gain confidence and self-discipline, to train the mind and body equally. This type of training has benefits not just in training but in all aspects of life.

Exercise – Practising British MMA is an excellent way to keep fit, combining aerobic, anaerobic and plyometric exercise, stretching, strength and stamina training. We take seriously the idea that training should be good for your long term health, and exclude practices that would be detrimental in the long term.

Self-Defence – This is such an important aspect of our training philosophy that it is discussed in detail below.

Fun – Above all, training must be fun. The club also provides a very friendly social atmosphere – regular visits from Thaker’s who are an award-winning vegan and vegetarian restaurant, competitions, and other events.

We Can Have Some Fun Too!
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