On your first class you should wear comfortable sports clothing. Jewellery should be taken off where possible and hair should be kept neat and tidy. All members are encouraged to shower before their sessions and wear deodorant. All equipment is supplied by the Academy. All that you need to do is come in ready to have a great time.

Our timetable can be viewed showing all the different sessions in various venues around West London. The days that you prefer will give you all the classes that suit your needs.

British MMA encourages all members to attend classes as regularly as possible and the flexible timetable means that you can change your class times and days to another suitable class time or day with notice. That being said a regular class time and day is recommended to ensure healthy habits and routine can be set up where possible.

At British MMA we have a 52 week curriculum and do not work in terms (I.e school terms) which means that you can start at any time. Everybody begins as a white belt, learning the basics and improving with each and every session. The sooner that you can get started the sooner that we can help you to reach your goals.

Over the years we have recognised that lots of parents worry that their child is too young or too unfocused to do martial arts. Being experienced for over 25 years, we know the skills that your child should be developing and have the patience and expertise to know how to help them to develop these. Ultimately if your child doesn’t have the concentration, focus or co-ordination that they need this is the place to help them to develop the skill in our safe and friendly environment. The sooner they can start practicing these skills the better prepared they can be for school and beyond.

At British MMA we recommend a minimum of two classes per week. Many of our members even do all classes back to back on the same week. This is for a number of reasons

1. Fitness, physical strength and flexibility. The more that you can practice the faster that your results will be in regards to training responses by your body.

2. Confidence – On your second lesson for that week, this will mean that you get a chance to practice all of the skills that you completed in your first session for the week and notice your improvements.

3. Skill acquisition: the first time you experience the skill you will pick up the basic components and in subsequent classes for the week you will pick up the finer details of the skill.

One of the best things about doing martial arts is that it is an individual sport with the focus on self improvement and enjoyment, meaning that you can take everything in your own time and that their is no rush to do anything other then have fun and give it your best.

British MMA offer one of the most flexible timetables out there to help their members make it to class as often as possible. Members are able to change their class times and days to suit their needs and catch up classes can be completed in subsequent weeks simply by logging in as they come for classes at no extra cost.

Martial arts classes typically cost about £30 per month for student membership depending on location, inclusions and number of classes and number of family members attending. All equipment is provided for classes and access to syllabus and training videos are included in your martial arts journey.

Like any sport the more often you can practice the faster you will pick up the results.

In order to get the benefits that come along with martial arts training and the confidence that comes along with seeing improvement in yourself or your child it is recommended by martial arts schools to attend a minimum of two sessions per week and at British MMA there are a number of sessions. Many members choose to do many more classes too.

At British MMA you are not locked in to a typical contract any longer then the one month notice period necessary for changes to payments. That is if for any reason that you wish to stop then you simply give a month notice as per terms and conditions and you can stop at any time.

We utilise a system of nine coloured grades (belts and arm sashes) up to black.
Depending on how hard and regularly you train, you can expect to reach ‘black belt’ level around five to seven years after starting training.

If you are serious for five years and train regularly and hard, including over holidays, you can achieve black at British MMA in five years or less.

Interestingly, this was the original meaning of ‘black belt’ when the concept was created in Japan at the beginning of the last century. It was precisely the level of expertise that could be achieved while training consistently and hard over the course of a University degree.

The system allows instructors to make sure students get a balanced coverage of different striking and grappling skills while training with the club and provides motivation for students to concentrate on different core skills as they progress.

Achievement of black indicates the authority to teach British MMA, competence in a full range of self-defence relevant skills and the basis for building on those skills in any gym in the world.

For each grading you must also have attended a seminar by our visiting instructors.

Always check with an instructor before grading to make sure they say you are ready. If you have not trained in martial arts before you will need more than these to be ready to grade.

The syllabus may be revised from time to time.

PLEASE NOTE: In addition to the technical requirements, we also expect – for all grading’s – that you are a safe and courteous training partner. This means we expect you to correctly apply the principle of progressive resistance, do not risk injury to yourself or your training partner, hold pads correctly and safely, and demonstrate control and good measure in all drills and techniques.

Once achieving the techniques required for belt promotion, students are awarded the next colour belt and certificate on their journey to becoming a black belt.

Belt promotions are not compulsory as we only feel that students who are ready for belt promotion should attend. We believe in setting our students up for success and setting realistic and manageable goals that individuals can tackle as they feel confident.

Beginners start as a white belt and the goal is to achieve all the belts towards a black belt and then start instructing classes.

Belt promotions are held at various times per year and require students to be able to complete set criteria and minimum requirements which can typically be met by consistent training.

Students are taken through the syllabus in their classes and videos are available which are all included as part of membership costs to help student practice in their own time also.

Dragons have a minimum class participation number, kick, hand technique and lifeskill to master in order to move up to the next belt. When progressing to the Warrior age group they are assessed for the appropriate belt for their training.

While British MMA grades are approved through the British Martial Arts and Boxing Association the classes are really made for the needs of the group it caters for and as such our class content is developed to ensure students are well rounded martial artists with positive attitudes who take care of their health. Each program has a 52 week curriculum uniquely created by our British MMA team, incorporating different elements of martial arts styles to meet the needs of members and to keep classes exciting with new equipment drills each week. Our classes focus on acquiring the following:

Physicality: speed, flexibility, strength, co-ordination and cardiovascular fitness all while burning approximately 2000kj per class
Skill: technique, control, muscle memory, focus and FUN!
Life Skills: positive attitude, goal setting, stress relief, confidence, friendship and respect
Along with bully busting and self defence strategies that are age appropriate and effective

As with any sport there is always a risk of injury however the club aims to minimise injuries through these steps

1. Age appropriate partnering
2. Protective, padded, non slip flooring in training areas
3. Syllabus based on safe, appropriate contact with most of the session completely non-contact (only exception is sparring).
4. Trained instructors to support and help students to perform techniques safely.
5. Any student not respecting the rights of others to train without being hurt are reprimanded-expelled from the club ensuring a safe and friendly training environment suitable for the whole family.
6. Separate training sessions are available for those wishing to have a larger amount of contact.

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