“The greatest amount of wasted time is the time not getting started.” – Dawson Trotman

At British MMA we love making martial arts accessible and fun for all age groups. That is why we offer a free introductory class for new students in our classes.

What to expect from your first session

1. The most important thing from your first session is to come in ready to have fun or if you are a parent be excited to hi 5 and congratulate your child for giving it a go.
2. Beginners are not expected to meet any criteria in regards to fitness, flexibility, coordination or skill, after all, that is why you are coming to British MMA – To learn and develop these skills.
3. Be confident to ask for help as our Head Instructor is lovely and excited to answer your questions and support your needs to meet your martial arts goals.

Easter Celebrations



Text or call us at 07710 147 507 to book in an appropriate time for yourself and/or your family member.


Come in 10 minutes before your session, bring water, start wearing comfortable loose clothing and we will ask you to take your shoes off before your session.


Sign in as a guest at the front desk so that our lovely friendly staff can show you around, find out your goals for the session and introduce you to some new moves that you can put in practice during your first session.

Give your child the gift of confidence, discipline and respect by trying our 2 free trial classes. In return, we’ll give you a choice of unlimited class options several days a week & no lock-in contracts

  • A welcoming, family-friendly environment, instructors and culture that makes British MMA a school so highly regarded in the martial arts industry and community
  • Introductory level martial arts training suitable for all age and ability levels
  • A progressive curriculum and UK approved syllabus that is licensed and recognised via our association British Martial Arts and Boxing Association (BMABA)
  • Complete flexibility with access 5 classes spread over 7 days a week at a time and date to suit you
  • State of the art facilities around West London, affiliated with the BMABA

”This club is a second home to my son. Not only do you get exceptional world-class learnings and skills, but you also get treated like family. The instructors are always so helpful and will go above and beyond to support and encourage you. I can’t recommend this place enough. My son joining British MMA was the best decision I ever made.” – Bashir Nassari

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