How does the belt system work and how do I progress through the belts?

We utilise a system of nine coloured grades (belts and arm sashes) up to black.
Depending on how hard and regularly you train, you can expect to reach ‘black belt’ level around five to seven years after starting training.

If you are serious for five years and train regularly and hard, including over holidays, you can achieve black at British MMA in five years or less.

Interestingly, this was the original meaning of ‘black belt’ when the concept was created in Japan at the beginning of the last century. It was precisely the level of expertise that could be achieved while training consistently and hard over the course of a University degree.

The system allows instructors to make sure students get a balanced coverage of different striking and grappling skills while training with the club and provides motivation for students to concentrate on different core skills as they progress.

Achievement of black indicates the authority to teach British MMA, competence in a full range of self-defence relevant skills and the basis for building on those skills in any gym in the world.

For each grading you must also have attended a seminar by our visiting instructors.

Always check with an instructor before grading to make sure they say you are ready. If you have not trained in martial arts before you will need more than these to be ready to grade.

The syllabus may be revised from time to time.

PLEASE NOTE: In addition to the technical requirements, we also expect – for all grading’s – that you are a safe and courteous training partner. This means we expect you to correctly apply the principle of progressive resistance, do not risk injury to yourself or your training partner, hold pads correctly and safely, and demonstrate control and good measure in all drills and techniques.

Once achieving the techniques required for belt promotion, students are awarded the next colour belt and certificate on their journey to becoming a black belt.

Belt promotions are not compulsory as we only feel that students who are ready for belt promotion should attend. We believe in setting our students up for success and setting realistic and manageable goals that individuals can tackle as they feel confident.

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