What style of martial arts do British MMA do?

While British MMA grades are approved through the British Martial Arts and Boxing Association the classes are really made for the needs of the group it caters for and as such our class content is developed to ensure students are well rounded martial artists with positive attitudes who take care of their health. Each program has a 52 week curriculum uniquely created by our British MMA team, incorporating different elements of martial arts styles to meet the needs of members and to keep classes exciting with new equipment drills each week. Our classes focus on acquiring the following:

Physicality: speed, flexibility, strength, co-ordination and cardiovascular fitness all while burning approximately 2000kj per class
Skill: technique, control, muscle memory, focus and FUN!
Life Skills: positive attitude, goal setting, stress relief, confidence, friendship and respect
Along with bully busting and self defence strategies that are age appropriate and effective

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